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Tuesday, May 22, 2018

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Admission and Facility Tips

Wednesday, February 07, 2018

We here at Wilson's Creek want to make the transition into our home as smooth as possible.  Below we have listed a few tips and suggestions that will help make residents and their family members feel at ease when making this transition.

Admitting from Home

In order to admit from home, we need the following from your primary care physician: Orders to Admit, Current History and Physical, Medication Orders, Diet Orders, Allergies, Code Status, Diagnosis, Therapy Orders (if applicable). 

Along with physician's orders, please bring the following: Insurance Cards, Medicare/Medicaid Cards, Living Wills or Power of Attorney Documents (if applicable.)

Things You Will Need To Bring

Our suggested items will help get you started when packing to come to our home.  Below is a list of various items that we suggest you bring from home to make the resident's stay comfortable.  Please bring anything that will make your loved one feel more at home.  We do ask that all items brought to Wilson's Creek be marked with the resident's name using a black laundry marker.

  • tennis shoes or sensible shoes, comfortable shorts, slacks or sweatpants, comfortable shirts or blouses, sweaters or sweatshirts, pajamas or night gowns, undergarments, toiletries and personal items, house shoes, jacket or coat
  • pictures of family, favorite decorations, favorite chair (made of vinyl or leather or easy cleaning)

Visiting Tips

Visits are encouraged from anyone in the community and are meaningful to facility residents.  The list of visiting suggestions may be helpful to you as you visit your friend or relative.

  • Go for a ride, participate in activities, bring your own activities, help celebrate special events, come for lunch, bring in pictures, reminisce, share your talents, show and tell, create feeling

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